Viking saddlery covers a wide variety of different skill sets within the specialised craft of Side saddle production and repair.

We cover anything from minor repairs, total refurbishments to brand new custom made saddles on new trees.

We understand the bound you have with your saddle, the place it holds in your life and the adventures you have experienced together.

Hence we offer total refurbishments to the existing shape and design, utilizing only the best materials with our traditional skills and craftsmanship. 

Sidesaddle tree repairs

Most side saddles are over 100 years old and many have seen numerous owners and horses. The material within the saddles will eventually degrade.

We are well known for carrying out even the most challenging of tree repairs with confidence and guarantee.

New Panels.
New Wykeham pads.
Linen coverings.

If you like the versatility and elegance of the traditional linen covered serge and a wool flocked panel, or you feel your combination would benefit from the simplicity and the lightness of a Wykeham pad.

We offer the production of booth.

Side Saddle

We make to order traditional accessories like hand stitched stirrup leather using the best oak bark tanned leather, to suit all fittings. Or the softest three fold girth with stainless steel buckles.  

We also make hunting flask cases and perform repairs on whips and all the above mentioned accessories.

New saddles on modern trees to your specification.

Everything from a basic saddle with a hide seat for everyday riding or hunting. To the highest spec with a luxury doeskin seat edged in pig skin, all traditionally hand seamed and specially cut to to suit your requirements.

2013-12-10 09.22.33.jpg

Here you can follow some of the repairs that have been carried out on customers saddles.