All saddles at some stage will need a little love and attention.

Many of these saddles are over 100 years old and some of them have been worked hard.

This is where we can help, we perform a total tree repair service :


  • Splicing of broken points.

  • Broken and cracked fixed heads.

  • New cantles.

  • Rebuilding of broken heads, both the metalwork and the woodwork.

  • Whole side / Bar repairs.

  • Fabrication of new leaping head fittings or repositioning of existing ones.


Please call us for advise or send pictures, we are here to help.


A broken tree does not need to be a broken dream


The repairs that we carry out on any saddles are done with traditional material and skill. Any broken metal work will be removed from the saddle fabricated or welded away from the tree ensuring a strong weld.

This allows us to exposed all the parts ensuring a good visual inspection of the area. New or repaired items can then be reassembled with new rivets, ensuring a nice tight fit between all the components.

We use dry beech to replace any wood details and steel rivets in all our repairs/rebuilds.

We guarantee all our repairs.

Head repairs

During many years of use saddles are subjected to a large amount of forces, especially across the points forcing them open, as a result of this the head plate will in some cases fail.

But don't worry it is repairable.

View the gallery to follow a repair

Cantle repairs

Sometime after accidents or saddle drops the delicate cantle area may suffer brakages.

Due to the alignment of the grain in the wood this is a quite common problem.

Signs are usually a saggy seat with hollows, odd shape cantle or excessive moment in the cantle.

View the gallery to follow a repair

Point and bar repairs.

Another vulnerable area is the point, mainly the nearside point. This is a delicate area due to its thin profile and exposed position. The leather pocket also reduces moisture evaporation, this will create rust which in time damages and weakens the wood.

View the gallery to follow a repair


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